Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

  • We intend to create a brand image designing elegant structures and be known as a trustworthy consultancy firm providing a quality service to clients.
  • Maximising profits by implementing efficient working systems and meeting ISO 9000 quality requirements.
  • Utilising profits for the well-being of staff and employees and creating a good and vibrant team of engineers.
  • Establishing ourselves as a leading consultancy in diverse fields of civil engineering such as Roads and Highways, Marine and the Buildings Sector.

Mission Statement

Kashec exists to create a beautiful, sustainable and environmentally friendly built environment, by creating imaginative and innovative, yet practical designs, and implementing these for civil engineering and structural projects, using the latest state of the art technology.

Our aim is to provide this service for the benefit of society, which puts its faith in us as the experts in the field. We, therefore, consider it our duty and obligation to justify their faith in us.

Our ultimate aim is to work towards the advancement of mankind.