Air Liquide Manufacturing Centre, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.

Kashec acted as lead civil structural engineering consultants for air liquide's state of the art manufacturing plant spread across 33000 sq meters. A unique feature of the design being all sheds located end to end to allow a continuous manufacturing process flow in one straight line of 400 m long and 30m wide.

  • A factory designed to handle, manipulate & transport "cold box pacakge unit" a factory in itself : 10x10 m units, 60 m long and 600 ton weight.
  • Design of the factory spanning 30 m across and 30 m high subjected to very high wind loads. Tight horizontal deflection limits to allow smooth operation of gantries required to handle upto 150 tons weight.
  • The geotechnical conditions at site posed challenges to construction of the factory that required floor loads capacity of 50 to 100 tons per square meter at a very early stage of project, Kashec provided valuable advice on soil compaction using vibro compaction that not only led to reduced construction period but also achieved considerable savings in foundation costs.

Deenanath Mangeshkar Super Speciality Hospital (DMSSH) : Pune

DMSSH building consists of 3 basements and 16 floors superstructure with a total area of 60000 sq. Meters housing all types of modern medical facilities. Client required an elegant & efficient yet economic structure that would maximize patient comfort & privacy .our response was a 4 winged plan with external core /lift walls – that ensured efficient circulation of medical staff as well as patients while ensuring maximum privacy. Long span column free postensioned slab with minimum floor depths was designed to allow uninterrupted space for a wide ranges of services required in modern hospitals.

  • Basement + 15 storey structure with asymmetric distribution of mass and stiffness across all floors.
  • Stiff external cores with 4 projecting wings plus long span beams and edge columns to provide column free space – providing maximum flexibility in space utilization.
  • Challenge to utilize full stiffness of core due to insufficient connection with floor diaphragms.
  • Our solution allowed full freedom in customizing internal layouts with advancement in medical technology.
  • Modeling with cracked stiffness as per ACI code.
  • Finely meshed semi rigid diaphragm modeling to accurately capture lateral load transfer to core wall.
  • Analysis model rotated to match principal stiffness axes of structure to model global axes – i.e orthogonal effects.
  • Separate ULS and SLS models. separate models with stiffness & support modifiers to ensure full transfer of seismic loads to shear walls as well as the moment frame.
  • Full modal analysis (ritz vectors) with base shear scaled to match minimum code static value.
  • Postensioned floors =>reduced dead load leading to overall savings.

The Lansdowne Road Stadium:

The proposed stadium consists of continuous curvilinear shaped stand enclosing all four sides of the ground. The South, East, and West stands all have four tiers of seating for spectators. On the North side there is only one tier as the stadium comes down dramatically in height. The new stadium contains all of the features which would be expected in a modern stadium

The Lansdowne Road Stadium has been designed to be a state-of-the-art modern stadium, which, on completion, will have an all seated capacity of 50,000.

Kashec’s Contribution:

Kashec worked in association with the main consultant providing the full design of the substructure & preparation of working drawings include Rebar drawings. The elements involved in detailing were Pile caps, ground beams, basement slabs, ground floor slab with tunnels and service ducts, floor slabs from level G01 to G06, core base, core walls, exterior retaining walls, blade columns, staircase and landings.

The project consisted of 600 A1 sized drawings which were completed within a demanding time scale.

Grosvenor Waterside

Grosvenor Waterside boasts a group of grand buildings inspired by a group of leading architects, grouped around the historic dock just north of Chelsea Bridge. The magnificent landscaped grounds surrounding the picturesque dock location together with the underground parking, 24 hour concierge and leisure facilities makes Grosvenor Waterside an enviable location.

Kashec’s Contribution:

Kashec’s role was to provide rebar detailing services for the project. It involved detailing of Pier Pile Caps or Pier rafts, columns, slabs, walls, Cores, Beams etc.

The project consisted of 100 A1 sized Rebar shop drawings which were completed in 4 months.

Gibraltar Airport PNR facility Building:

The PNR facility is a new structure situated at the corner of Winston Churchill Avenue and Devils Tower Road near to existing Gibraltar Airport . The primary function of the building is to serve as a car park for people driving into Gibraltar, giving more direct and easier access to the city centre by shuttle bus or by foot. The structure is split into two equal sized phases. The main body of the structure is approximately 150m long, 31m wide and 18m tall. There are five RC storeys plus a steel canopy at roof level.

The south elevation of the building features a curved walkway which is approximately 6.5m wide at it’s widest point. The walkway is supported from a line of columns on the façade from level 1 upwards. Below level 1 is a walkway which is cantilevered, typically 1m.

Kashec’s Contribution:

Kashec was appointed to provide Rebar detailing services for Spine beams, square/rectangular and circular columns, floor slabs from Level G01 to G05, ramps, RC up stands etc.

The project consisted of 175 (A1 sized) RC drawings which were completed within 5 months.

Glasgow Museum of Transport

This landmark project will create an iconic transport museum on the banks of the river Clyde, at the heart of Glasgow harbour development. It opened in spring 2011.

Kashec’s Contribution:

Kashec worked in association with the main consultant to provide detailed structural design and detailing services for this project along with scheme design drawings.

150 A1 sized drawings were produced within a demanding time scale.

Noma Angel Gardens , Manchester

Situated in a prime location in central Manchester, Angel Gardens is set to become an iconic addition to the cityscape. Providing 450 apartments and 22,000 ft2 of mixed use commercial space within the soaring walls of what will be the city’s third tallest building. A tower that incorporates an innovative 25 storey triangular cantilever that will overhang the lower eight storeys. Located above the under ground car park, the main garden will feature multiple zones for different activities, including restaurant dining terraces, vegetable gardens, and sports and barbeque areas

Kashec’s Contribution:

Kashec was associated with the project in providing Rebar detailing services (inlcuding BBS) for the following elements :-Pile caps, Core Bases ,Capping Beams , Lower Ground / Podium / Ground Level Slab ,Retaining Walls ,Tower Core Walls, Shear Walls , Street Block and Tower Columns, Landing and Half-Landings , Ramps etc.

Dubai International Airport

The construction of the new third terminal to the Dubai International Airport was one of the massive projects by the Laing O’Rourke group of UK with their local partners Al-Naboodah. The development substantially built below ground level at about 20-23m, has three main sections- terminal, concourse and the car park. The structure is around 1km long and 100m wide, has multilevel basement used for parking and retail. It has 2 to 2.8m thick raft extending for an area of about 45000 sq. m.

At ground level an equally large area of suspended slab serves as apron for parking of planes. The superstructure above ground consists of departure, arrival and hotel levels with an attractive dome shaped cover for the concourse.

Kashec’s Contribution:

Kashec was responsible for the production of 1500 A1 sized rebar drawings and bending schedules for the major part of the RC basement and superstructure construction. The task involved detailing of many complex, irregular shaped rafts, suspended slabs, retaining and basement walls, numerous columns, cores and pre stressed large span trough shaped slabs for arrival and departure levels. The job involved constant interaction and co-ordination with the site staff, which was achieved by Kashec’s efficient rebar co-coordinators and engineers resident at the site through out the project for about 18 months.

Shahama Saadiyat Freeway, Abu-Dhabi:

This is a major freeway from Shahama to Saadiyat in Abu-Dhabi consisting of 8 lane road with 2 major Post Tensioned bridges over the creek and 4 major underpasses. This freeway is entrance to the YAS ISLAND Development.

Kashec’s Contribution:

Kashec’s role was to provide rebar detailing services under very tight time schedule & to provide on site co-ordination to resolve site related issues for bridges and underpasses.

RC detailing involved Pier Pile Caps, Pier columns, Deck slab, Retaining walls, approach Slabs, Webs, Blisters, Anchorage blocks, Diaphragms, Parapet walls, etc. Approximately 270 A1 sized Rebar shop drawingswere completed in 6 months.

Al Ghurair City – Shopping Mall, Dubai:

The project involves extension to the existing Al-Ghurair shopping mall-one of the first malls in Dubai. The principal features of the project were 3 levels of basements located on piled raft for parking, 7 levels of podium to accommodate retail and entertainment and two towers –residential and hotel, each of about 100m height contributing to the total area of around 210,000 sq.m.

Kashec’s Contribution:

Kashec was entrusted with the production of scheme design & detailed structural design for the basement, podium and both the towers. Approximately 60 no. of A0 sized scheme design drawings and 120 no. of A1 sized detailed design drawingswere produced in a very demanding timescale.