Bridges & Flyovers

Bridges & Flyovers

Construction of Flyover from College of Engineering, Pune to Patil Estate:

Kashec recently completed the design of Pune's longest three level flyover at COEP (College Of Engineering Pune) junction and also undertook the project management including site supervision. The project consisted of a unique design of three flyovers with a curved deck double level flyover.

  • Three flyovers with total length of 1700m.
  • Curved double height flyover to make junction signal free.
  • Integral deck construction to minimise number of joints and bearings.
  • The bridge deck comprising of 1.2m deep precast restressed beams to provide a pleasing view in elevation and make the structure blend in with the urban landscape.
  • Reduced deck depth to achieve gentle slopes and reduced overall length, thereby reducing cost and duration of construction in a busy urban area.
  • Design customized to allow for quick construction of piles and pile cap, for piers to cause minimum obstruction to traffic.
  • All activities of deck girder launching and deck construction carried out during night time hours to cause minimum traffic disruptions.
  • Design of eccentric pile caps to avoid delays and abortive works on discovery of underground services as well as to avoid delay due to tree cutting permissions.
  • Total project cost Rs. 68 crores

Open Spandrel Arch Bridge Over River Mula at Bund Garden Pune – Pune’s Iconic Bund Garden Bridge Popularly Known As BGB.

Kashec have successfully completed the design of the iconic Bund Garden Bridge and also undertook the project management including site supervision. The four lane bridge (390m long) consists of five integral insitu RC arches each spanning 55m. Kashec provided full pre and post tender design and drawings and construction stage design for unbalanced arch thrust, plus advised on construction methods and the sequence of construction.

  • Total Bridge length is 390m
  • Total cost of project Rs. 28.62 crores

ROB Sangram Nagar – Aurangabad

This project involved constructing an ROB with 11 spans of 20m each on the Dargah side, 7 spans of 20m on the Beed-bypass side & solid approaches of 208m with slip roads. It’s overall length was 574.20m.

  • Super-Structure:
    i) Pre-cast PSC 4 girder system with cast in situ diaphragms and deck slab with 1.5m Cantilever on either side.
    ii) Bearing- POT – PTFE
    iii) Expansion joint - strip seal type
  • Total Cost of Project Rs. 27.16 crores

Construction of flyover at Mondha Square on Pune – Jalna Road, Aurangabad.

Kashec have successfully completed the design of a flyover at Mondha Square and also undertook the project management including site supervision. The project consists of seven spans (25m each) pre cast & pre stressed six girder system & cast in situ deck slab structure. Overall length of 500m.

  • Super-Structure:
    i) M-50 Pre-cast PSC 6 Girder system with cast in situ Diaphragms and Deck Slab with 2.0m Cantilever on either side.
    ii) Bearings - POT – PTFE.
    iii) Expansion joint - Strip Seal type
  • Total cost of Project: Rs. 25 crores

Railway Overbridge on Mundhwa over Pune – Solapur Railway line

Kashec was responsible for the overall project management of the railway overbridge which required working in coordination with the railway authorities ensuring that both the design as well as the construction was well integrated. The bridge totaled 640m in length. It consists of 44.50m composite railway span & 150m viaduct.

  • The Railway span length was 44.5m
  • It comprises of a structural steel frame with RC deck slab. Each side has a three span continuous precast girder with a RC deck slab.
  • Total cost of Project: 24 crores

Flyover at Lullanagar Chowk, Pune

The length of the flyover is 490m starting from Pune Cantonment via Kondhwa Road up to Lullanagar Chowk. This flyover has four spans which includes two spans of 30m and one each of 25m and 20m.

  • Length of bridge - 490m.
  • Width of bridge - 15m.
  • Approach road – 385m. (both sides)
  • Total spans - 4 (30m X 2 span, 25m 1 span, 20m 1 span)
  • Total elevated length: 105m.
  • Construction type - precast, prestressed girder
  • Anticrush barrier - 1m high anticrush barrier
  • Total cost of Project: 15 crores

Conversion of Pedestrian Subway to Motorable Subway, Goa connecting Goa Medical College & Goa Dental College on NH17

Kashec was responsible for the conversion of the subway which had a total length of 433.50m.

  • GMC Side 240 m,
  • GDC Side 193.50 m.,
  • Total Width of Subway 7.50 m.
  • Carriageway: 6m, Foot path 1.50 m
  • Total cost of Project: 9.50 cores